Amazing Grace

imageJoseph Prince – Grace Revolution -page 72

I have been thinking a lot about Grace and how easy it is to get caught up in the do’s and don’ts which I’m beginning to wonder, while it is important, does it take away from the simple message of the hope that we have in Christ – that through His grace we are saved.  I mean Christianity is a relationship with a living God, a God who longs to be close to us in every way.  This topic is a mind blowing one.  Grace can’t be challenged, it can’t be argued with.

I am reading the book Grace Revolution written by Joseph Prince.  What a fantastic read so far.  I am not one to do a huge sales talk at the best of times – but if you are also learning what Grace means for us, maybe worth getting a copy for yourself and having a read.  I will share a small portion, just because it is super cool and I have read this part three times already this morning!  I know, maybe some of you already know all this and I am a bit behind the times…but that would be me.imageGrace Revolution – Joseph Prince (page 71)

Well I just wanted to share those two pictures above as that excited me this morning and I thought just maybe it will excite you too.

Amazing Grace. Let us all return to GRACE.






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