Life after Sunday.

coffeeSo Friday came and we agonised at the foot of the cross. On Saturday we wrestled with doubt, despaired and waited with bated breath. Then, to our surprise, Sunday came and Jesus ushered in a celebration of the new shalom; the reconciled, resurrected life. But now, it’s Wednesday… which comes after Tuesday, which comes after Monday. What happens now?

May I suggest coffee and croissants?

In John 21, we read: “Jesus said to them, ‘come and eat breakfast’. Of course, the new work was only just beginning: there was discipling to do and the gospel had to reach the ends of the earth, but before any of that, Jesus invited them to sit and eat with him.

I’m reminded how, at the close of his life, Jesus “desired earnestly” to break bread with his disciples. And when I read this account in John, I love that at the beginning of this resurrected life, Jesus invites them to break bread once again. I wonder if that’s why he chose to be remembered by the breaking of bread – that daily act of sharing a meal is a moment of rest from work, a brief relief within the busy day. The bread becomes sustenance and nourishment to our bodies. The very act of eating is itself a reminder of life. As my friend said at Church this last Sunday – “only the living eat”.

Perhaps, when you strip it all away and get right back to basics, maybe Jesus invites us to breakfast because its the opportunity to sit with him, to be nourished by his supply (yes, I am hinting at the fact Jesus is the bread of life). The breaking of bread invites us into his company.

So yes, it is Wednesday and for me, that means its time to bring out the coffee and croissants. After all, isn’t that what Jesus said to Martha when Mary was found sitting at his feet?

“only one thing is needful”.

Let’s eat.


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