Psalms 2.0 [Adoration]


You are a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. My redeemer. My lover. My best friend in this entire universe. You are the anchor of my entire existence.

You are my fortress in the fight, my provider, my shelter from the storm and my rock high above the miry clay. You are the beacon of light that pierces through every dark day. You are abundance itself and your favour is my inheritance.

Everything my eyes alight on testify of your majesty. When I see, hear, smell, breath in, taste, touch, perceive, I am awed that you have created me to understand and experience pleasure.

You are sweeter than honey. Your love expands my heart in ways I have never felt before.

You are grace; the epitome of love, kindness, patience, tenderness, strength and wisdom. You are my creative, limitless and fierce God, whose love knows no bounds, whose power is beyond measure and whose goodness cannot be contained by breadth or depth or height or any other dimension.

You are my companion and the only one who walks with me wherever I go. You fight my battles for me, going before me in all things. Your love is the banner over me, your standard flies high above me, a sure declaration of victory to all who see.

You are my good God and everything you think towards me is good. You thought of me before the foundations of the earth were laid and when you poured out your love on the cross and granted me a new covenant, I was there in your heart.

You are unchanging in your faithfulness, ever more when I flicker and fade. What you were like before I knew you, is exactly who you are now. You are my safe place, my comforter. You are forever near.


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