Feasts & Festivals

This is a diagram of the Jewish calendar and how it intersects with our Gregorian one. As you can see the first month of the Jewish calendar is Nisan which coincides with our March-April period. You’ll note that one Hebrew month overlaps partway through two of our months.


This next diagram illustrates the Jewish calendar and the months in which the 7 feasts of God occurred. If you go back to Leviticus and Exodus, Gods instructs Moses on the specific days of the year that he has appointed to us to celebrate. These festivals are in rhythm with agricultural cycles:


Essentially, each of these feasts speak prophetically about events to come. They are what we refer to as “types”. I’m going to give you an overview of the first three as these are the feasts which fall in this season and an understanding of these will help us to examine the significance of Jesus last week on earth.

By way of summary, this graph here indicates Jesus final week in 3 sections:

  1. The Jewish calendar
  2. Our Gregorian calendar
  3. The timeline of when the feasts fell that week


As you can see, the jewish day spans our 2 calendar days – so 9th Nisan actually spans our Sunday and Monday. Its important to understand how the jewish people calculated one day because if you don’t understand that, its possible to miscalculate the days on which certain events occurred.


In Genesis God specifically states that the day consists of evening and morning. The Jews therefore measure their days from sunset to sunset. As you can see here, it is still a period of 24 hours but the point at which they start calculating 24 hours is different from hours. While we measure ours from 12am to 12pm, they go according to the timing of the sun – accordingly sunset to sunset consists of one day.

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